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Protect & Insure your Businesses

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Protect and Insure you and your family, vehicles and other properties.

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Protect and Insure your Legal Liability through Professional Indemnity, Product Liability, Public Liability, Cyber Risks

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Design and Insure your Construction, Engineering, Marine Projects

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Adequate, Affordable, Assurance

Changes are inevitable. We not only help to protect you, your family, and business. We are committed to review, restructure, and rewrite your protection according to your budgets and needs.

Hassle-Free Protection with Protectsure

Review insurance coverage FOR YOU and FOR BUSINESSES. Why pay more?

Easy Access

Quotations or Claims - We will respond to your enquiry within 1 working day.

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity For Professionals like Doctors (TCM Practitioners, Chiropractors included), Architects, Engineers etc. This Insurance protects you against legal cost including damage compensation incurred in your defence for alleged inadequate service, advise or design in your professional practices.

What is Covered?

SME Solution
Cost-effective Insurance Package for your Business needs.

What is Covered?

How Much Insurance Do I Need?

Find the insurance coverage that best fits your needs.

Travel Insurance

Going somewhere? Holiday with peace of mind.

What is Covered?

Other Products

Customizable. Affordable.

We are with you. Quotations, Enquiries, and Follow Ups.